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Sales Associate
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You've Decided to Sell Your Home!

Selling a home can be a confusing and complicated process. Two key decisions will be (A) selecting a salesperson, and (B) deciding on a price. The cost of selling a home is also an important consideration. You should also consider the marketing of your home. To get the best possible price a home has to be exposed to as many buyers as is possible. Marketing is more than simply putting the home on the multiple listing service. It's identifying who the buyer might be, what features and accompanying benefits will attract that buyer? How will the buyer be reached and what will be the likely circumstances.

You Need a Plan

To achieve these objectives you need a plan. At Royal LePage we give attention to these details. We are equipped with training, skills and tools that allow us to provide excellence in service. What's more, we commit our marketing plan to paper. Our listing action file provides you with:

  • Constant feedback
  • Keeps you up-dated on market trends
  • Keeps you informed on the actions we take

Selling a home should leave nothing to chance!

The Benefits of Using a Sales Associate

Selling a home takes more than an ad in the paper, and a "FOR SALE" sign on the lot. Firstly, it takes experience and training to correctly price a home to sell. It requires a carefully prepared market analysis showing not only homes that have sold, but also homes that are still on the market and which represents your competition; as well as homes that were on the market and never sold.

Anticipating and Solving Problems

Secondly, you need to anticipate and solve the many problems than can arise during the selling process. Very frequently the buyer has to sell their own home in order to buy yours. It is sometimes difficult to keep control in these circumstances. Usually it doesn't cost a buyer anything upfront to work with a Sales Associate. Someone maybe looking to buy a home at a lower price because they know you are saving the brokerage fee.

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